Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Pieces...

A few new things I have been working on at the shop...

Cherry Toes 
A slab of black walnut with an oak top and cherry wood "toes".
Available: $750

Truck Bench
Reclaimed seat from an old truck. Arms and legs are cherry wood.
Available: $375

Harvest Table
Harvest table made of walnut with a high gloss finish.
Sold: $3000

Walnut Table
Smaller version of the harvest table, made from the same log.
Sold: $600


  1. Hi! I have been coveting for months a beautiful bedframe you made for another blogger. I live outside of Washington, D.C. and I don't think I could afford to ship your beautiful art work of a bedframe. Do you have any recommendations on people in the area that special in your type of work? Where to find barn wood? And how to keep the wood from splintering? http://www.themarionhousebook.com/

  2. I also fell in love your bed frame you made for marionhousebook! I live in upstate NY, 3.5 hours south of Montreal. What is the pricing for a similar queen size bed, and how far away are you from me?


  3. Hi Dawson looking to get a king sized bed made like the one published in marionhousebook. Please contact me at stephanie.pemas@gmail.com



  4. I should also mention that I live in Toronto and depending on shipping costs could pick up if necessary.