Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Introducing RELIK

Hello and welcome to RELIK.

RELIK specializes in reclaimed wood, custom pieces and promoting a self sufficient lifestyle through reuse and repurpose. Each piece is an original, constructed out of old growth pine and BC fir or ash. With your specific needs in mind Dawson will create for you not only a functional piece of furniture but one that is beautiful, each board rich with history.

RELIK also does custom interior work, restoration/replication of older homes, decks, bridges, barn removal...the sky is the limit.

Where it all begins...

RELIK's own sawmill...

The results - some of our custom made furniture pieces...

Bench made of Ash and reclaimed school desk frames. SOLD

Coffee table made from a found fender, walnut burl and ash. The legs are repurposed from an old chair.

Mirror made from a disassembled horse plough.

Kitchen island made out of reclaimed BC fir from a waterway in Peterborough with reclaimed casters.

Sliding bathroom door made out of reclaimed BC fir from a waterway in Peterborough. The hardware is from a one hundred year old barn. 

Moroccan style couch made from reclaimed hand carved wood screens. SOLD

 Stay tuned...much more to come!


  1. Congrats. Dawson. Great stuff. Glad to be the owner of that bathroom door.

  2. This is amazing. I absolutely love your work! Where are you located? I would love to know more about your work.